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As torches caged with Autumn pillars
And kept beneath an ivory vault;
As falling leaves, caught in the sipping rain,
Your eyes cry rivers of pleased serenity.

Amidst this wintry scenery,
Man hears your laugh- his heart drops cold
And listens closely for the suit
Of a cappella cricket choirs;

He sees you walk a modest distance,
To pursue, dancing miles at length,
Until rasped souls dress lengthy streets.

But like the water never waits
For Hell's most thirsty beggar,
So too do you refuse my hunger.
Sonnet in Italian style. The girl described has shoulder long brown curls and brown eyes, fair skin and unless in case of occasional laughter, often a serene kind or neutral expression. This is important for the two first stanzas.

Also note the sound in the final verse. It is in fact intentional and meaningful.

Then a question to keep the interaction going: what story am I referring to in the last stanza?
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March 21, 2012
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